School History

Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School opened its doors for the first time on December 1, 1965. Construction of Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School was not completed in time for the opening of schools in September, so the 454 children who would become the first Mount Vernon Woods students were housed at Hybla Valley Elementary School (grades 1-3), and Hollin Meadows Elementary School (grades 4-6). Mrs. Gloria McConnaughey, our first principal, supervised 14 teachers, a librarian, cafeteria manager, two secretaries, and a custodian. Our building was formally dedicated on May 9, 1966. The first Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting was held on September 27, 1965, at Woodlawn Elementary School, with 101 parents and teachers present. The PTA's first meeting at our school took place on December 15, 1965.

Black and white photograph of the main entrance of Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School taken in 1984, pre-additions.
Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School, 1984

Billy Goat Gruff

When our school first opened, it was not unusual to see horses and goats on the playground because the school was bordered on two sides by the Baker family's farm. The children loved to see the animals, but the Billy goat didn't love to see the children. Every time he was on the playground a call was made to Mr. Baker requesting that he remove the goat from school property because it would butt the children when they went out to play.

Black and white photograph of students playing on the sidewalk and in the parking lot in front of Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School. Several girls can be seen jumping rope.
1983-84 Yearbook Photo

Homemade Lunch

In 1965, breakfast was not available in schools, and lunch, including milk, only cost 35 cents! All the lunch food, including homemade pies, breads, cookies and cakes, was prepared in the school kitchen.

Two color photographs from Mount Vernon Woods' 1979 Arbor Day observance. The photograph on the left shows safety patrol students standing in line on the sidewalk in the front of the school awaiting directions from a teacher. The photograph on the right shows two students planting flowers in a garden bed.
Arbor Day, 1979

Renovations & Additions

When Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School opened the building had 20 classrooms, a library, and a cafeteria. Our school didn't have a gymnasium or music room until 1985, so music and physical education classes were originally held in the classrooms. Our first renovation began in 1988, adding air conditioning, ten classrooms, and a computerized library. The new wing was ready for use when school opened for our 25th year in September 1990. The manual typewriters in the office were replaced with electric typewriters and computers. Our most recent renovation began in June 2018 and is expected to be complete by December 2019.

Two color photographs showing Mount Vernon Woods Elementary School's first renovation and addition. The photograph on the left shows steel framing and cinderblock work in place on the new classroom wing. The photograph on the right shows three children standing in front of the new addition. Construction is nearing completion.
Mount Vernon Woods 1st Renovation, c.1989

What's in a Name?

During the naming process of our school, one of the names put forward by the community was Muddy Hole Farm Elementary School. Check out this video to learn why people liked the name Muddy Hole Farm.

Our Principals:

1965 – 1976: Gloria H. McConnaughey
1976 – 1979: Evelyn F. Valotto
1979 – 1985: Joan M. Freck
1985 – 1987: Helen Ramirez
1987 – 2006: Reginald M. Romaine
2006 – 2013: Marie Lemmon
2013 – 2016: Pamela Simpkins
2016 – Present: Clint Mitchell